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Е. Vinokurov, А. Kharin, А. Yershov, А. Usanov

Economic Bulletin №1. Kaliningrad Region external trade: present and future The first issue of the Bulletin, offered to your attention, focuses on eventual changes to external-trade regulations in light of the EU enlargement process and Russia’s accession to the WTO. The results of the survey, carried out by the project in summer 2003, have shown that over 50% of stakeholders highlighted this theme as the most urgent and important priority in developing economic policy for the Kaliningrad Region.

In this bulletin, you can find answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the current external and inter-regional trade flows in the Kaliningrad Region?
  2. What kind of regional trade specialisation is being created?
  3. Is the draft law on the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) compatible with world external-trade regulations, and what are the problematic points with this law?
  4. What are the short-, medium-, and long-term prospects for the Kaliningrad economy in light of eventual changes to external-trade regulations?
  5. How do the SEZs in EU member-countries adapt to international requirements?

Hopefully, the results of our study can be useful for your everyday work and will extend your awareness of the nature and consequences of the changes awaiting the region.

This bulletin is prepared by experts from the Project EUROPEAID/114287/С/SV/RU “Support for Regional Development of Kaliningrad” and the Regional Development Agency, namely Е. Vinokurov, А. Kharin, А. Yershov, and А. Usanov. 

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