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G.Bunatian, N.Makova, V.Panteleev, A.Kharin

Economic Bulletin №6. Kaliningrad region on the labour market map of the Baltic region Kaliningrad region is one of the smallest regions of the Russian Federation. After declaration of independence by former USSR Baltic republics it represents a Russian enclave by the Baltic Sea. It is situated between Lithuania and Poland which together with other 6 Central European countries, Cyprus and Malta joined the EU in May, 2004, so Kaliningrad region faces both negative and positive influence of its geographical position on economy. Because of its geographical position, Kaliningrad region is influenced by the factors which define economic development of the Baltic region (and to some extent of the EU as a whole), but at the same time it remains institutionally connected and dependent on the Russian Federation.

Researches carried out and aimed at the defining of problems and possibilities resulting from specific features of Kaliningrad region show that it must follow development of regional factors and at the same time base on the advantages given by the specific geopolitical position. The region must develop openness to its neighbours and the EU, make initiatives on the RF level, being innovative both from the point of view of policy development and its economic development by the development of initiatives on the regional level.

This bulletin continues representation of the research materials carried out by the Kaliningrad region development agency (RDA) within the frames of the project financed by the EU “Support for the Kaliningrad region development”. Its aim is analysis of labor resources conditions and potential of Kaliningrad region in the Baltic region. The general task is drawing conclusions on definite actions necessary for the development of the regional labor resources in order make them meet the requirements of existing companies and potential investors. The description of the Kaliningrad region position on the map of labor resources of the Baltic region, first of all in relation to its neighbouring countries – Lithuania and Poland is given on this basis.

Analysis of the requirements fulfillment of which will contribute to the development of sound and competitive labor market is represented in the bulletin, possible initiatives on perfection of local labor resources in relation to the regional economy requirements are shown.

The bulletin is prepared by the experts of the European mission project EUROPEAID/114287/С/SV/RU «Support for the Kaliningrad region development» and the Regional Development Agency G.Bunatian, N.Makova, V.Panteleev, A.Kharin.

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