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International project «Baltic Amber Coast. Development of the Cross-border Area through Building up and Modernization of Tourism Infrastructure. Part II» (ILPR.02.01.00-96-044/10)

September 2012 - December 2015

The partners within the project were the administration of "Yantarny Urban District" municipality, Stutovo Commune, Stegna Commune, Krynica Morska Commune, Ustka Commune and the Ministry for Municipal Development and Internal Policy of the Kaliningrad Region.

The key activity of the project was the construction of a wooden promenade on the beach in Yantarny. Thousands of residents and guests of Yantarny already used it for walks along the coast.

The funds saved within the project allowed to expand the initial plan of activities by including additional “hard” activities aimed at further development of tourism infrastructure in the municipality:

  • The promenade was equipped with garden and park benches and decorative litter bins.
  • External water supply and sanitation networks were built, a sanitary cabin was installed to ensure proper sanitation on the beach.
  • A new tiled driveway was built alongside the promenade replacing the old road, which did not meet the safety standards and did not cope with the increasing transport load.
  • Parking was built opposite the wooden staircase leading to the promenade to address the issue of insufficient number of parking spaces, which had been a serious problem for the municipality for several years prior to the project.
  • A power supply system for the promenade was built to provide lighting at the promenade in the dark.

Specialists of the Regional Economic Development Agency provided comprehensive support for this project - they participated in the development of the application package, preparation of narrative and financial reports, and implementation of project activities.

This project became the winner in the nomination "Best project in the field of tourism".

Project details

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